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Quantitative Electroencephalographic and Psychometric Analysis of Possible Cognitive Decline in Healthy Elderly Subjects

Ann A. Abdel Kader1 , Ebtesam M. Fahmy2, Ayatallah F. Ahmed1, Omneya Raafat3, Amira A. Labib1, Alshaimaa S. Khalil1

Departments of Clinical Neurophysiology1, Neurology2, Psychiatry3, Cairo University; Egypt


Background: Numerous studies have been done to investigate aging and age-related changes (ARCs) which refer to the deterioration in the biologic processes occurring with senescence and lead to impaired brain structure, cognitive performance and behavior. Objectives: To assess cognitive functions in normal elderly subjects using power of brain activity and psychometric cognitive assessment scales. Methods: Forty seven healthy elderly subjects were assessed with quantitative electroencephalography and psychometric scales. Results: There was a significant positive correlation between relative power of alpha frequency and the total score of performance scale of Wechsler Intelligence scale (WIS). No significant correlation was revealed between relative power of EEG frequencies and scores of WMS subtests and parameters of WCST. Conclusion: Results suggest that the psychiatric scales do not provide a substitute for electrophysiological tests in evaluating the cognitive changes which occur with normal aging. However, there was a limitation in the study caused by the narrow age range of the cases. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2015; 52(2): 87-94]


Key Words: cognitive, electrophysiological, psychometric, electroencephalography, aging.

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