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January2015 Vol.52 Issue:        1        Table of Contents
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Post-Stroke Pneumonia

Tarek  Goda1, Wael Mahmoud1, Sabry M. AbdelDayem2, Mohammed Taha Al Afifi3

Departments of Neurology, Zagazig University1, Tanta University2; Anaesthesia3, Al-Azhar University; Egypt


Background: Dysphagia is an important complication of acute stroke. Aspiration pneumonia is the most important acute complication of stroke related dysphagia. Objective: To estimate the frequency and risk factors of pneumonia in acute stroke patients fed by nasogastric tube. Methods: This prospective study was done on 50 consecutive patients with acute stroke who were given tube feeding because of dysphagia. The study was done in Zagazig university hospitals, over one year period (Sept 2012 to Sept 2013). All patients were assessed daily for the presence pneumonia. Results: Pneumonia was diagnosed in 44% of the tube fed patients. As measured by the NIHSS score, patients who acquired pneumonia, were more severely affected than patients without pneumonia. Patients with decreased consciousness and severe facial palsy are at high risk of pneumonia. Conclusions: Decreased consciousness and severe facial palsy are risk factors for development of post-stroke pneumonia. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2015; 52(1): 51-54]

Key Words: Stroke, pneumonia

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