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July2014 Vol.51 Issue:        3       (Supp.) Table of Contents
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Is There Any Consequence of Ramadan Fasting on Acute Cerebral Stroke?

Hassan Salama, Tamer Belal

Department of Neurology, Mansoura University, Egypt


Background: According to Islam’s pillars, all healthy post-puberty Muslims must fast Ramadan from dawn to nightfall. The fasting hours differ according to the season and geographical site. Throughout fasting, Muslims quit from taking anything orally even medications. It was presumed that fasting alter body composition and fluid balance that may herald risky patients to stroke. Objective: To report whether fasting during Ramadan with changing in daily habits and activities has any effect on stroke frequency, type and outcome. Methods: This prospective hospital based study over three consecutive years was completed in Egypt delta province for cerebral stroke patients who were admitted to neurology department, Mansoura University hospitals, one month before (BR), during (DR), and after (AR) Ramadan over three Hijri years. The enrolled patients were classified into two groups: fasting and non-fasting BR, DR or AR. Each patient was subjected to history taking, neurological examination and NIHSS. Laboratory investigations including radiology were done for all patients on admission. Results: A total of 1062 patients were enrolled over three consecutive Hijri years. DR, Most of ischemic stroke onset was around noon (9 am to 4 pm). All patient’s characteristics and laboratory investigations demonstrated no statistical significant differences apart from high mortality rate, hematocrit, and hyperlipidemia among fasting persons. Conclusion: The results indicated that the pattern of fasting DR did not increase the stroke frequency. There was time switch of stroke presentation because of the circadian rhythm changes associated with Ramadan fasting. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2014; 51(3): 333-336]

Key words: Stroke, Ramadan

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