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Balance Disturbance in Patients with Diabetic Sensory Polyneuropathy

Ibtesam M. Fahmy1, Gihan M. Ramzy1, Nahed A. Salem2,

Gehan M. Ahmed2, Abeer A. Mohammed2

Departments of Neurology1, Faculty of Medicine; Neuromuscular Disorders and its Surgery2,

Faculty of Physical Therapy; Cairo University; Egypt.



Background: Thirty percent of diabetic patients with polyneuropathy suffer from balance disturbance. Unsteadiness during standing and walking is a frequent complaint in such patients. Objective: To evaluate proprioception and vestibular function in patients with diabetic sensory polyneuropathy and to determine the effect of their disturbance on balance in such patients. Methods: This study included 60 subjects divided into two groups: group (1): included 30 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus suffering from sensory polyneuropathy and group (2): included 30 age and sex-matched healthy subjects. All participants were subjected to complete clinical assessment. The dynamic balance was assessed clinically by Berg balance scale (BBS) and laboratory using the Balance Master system. Results: Scores of BBS were significantly lower in group (1) than group (2). In addition, Limits of Stability (LOS) test revealed a highly significant increase in the reaction time in all directions, a significant decrease in movement velocity, end excursion and directional control in all directions in group 1 than group (2). Furthermore, a highly significant decrease in the mean values of the SOT was found in group 1 in all conditions. Also, a statistically significant negative correlation was detected between balance score and age in both groups. Conclusion: There is an effect of sensory disturbance on balance in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy, which could aggravate the risk of falls in such patients. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2014; 51(1): 21-29]


Key Words: Type-2 diabetes mellitus, Polyneuropathy, Posturography, Balance, Egyptian patients.

Correspondence to Gihan M. Ramzy, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.



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