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October2013 Vol.50 Issue:        4        Table of Contents
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Interleukin 1 gene Polymorphism and Acute Ischemic Stroke

Rasha H. Soliman1, Walaa A.Kamel1, Manal M.El kattan2,Hanan Helmy,2 Sanaa Abd El-Shafy3

Departments of Neurology, Beni Sueif University1, Cairo University2; Clinical Pathology3,

Beni Sueif University; Egypt



Background: Elevated Interleukin 1-B (IL1-B) level is considered to be a predictor of ischemic stroke and IL-1b genetic polymorphism is reported to be associated with elevated IL-1b level. Objective: The aim of this work was to study the relation between Interleukin -1b (IL-1b) as well as IL-1b gene polymorphism and ischemic stroke. Methods: Twenty-five ischemic stroke patients and twenty five normal subjects were included in  this study. Patients were evaluated clinically and radiologically. Laboratory investigations, IL-1b assay and genetic testing of IL-1b gene were done for both  patients and control groups.  Results: Serum IL-1b level was significantly high in ischemic stroke patients compared to control subjects and high IL-1b level was significantly associated with D.M, hyperlipidemia, total anterior circulation syndrome (TACI), large sized infarction on CT examination and poor stroke outcome. In human IL-1b-511 polymorphism genotype ,there is no significant difference of IL-1b serum concentration regarding IL-1b-511 gene polymorphism. Conclusion: IL- 1b level is elevated in acute ischemic stroke and it is intimately associated with different vascular risk factors and prognostic factors. Human IL-1b-511 polymorphism did not influence the serum level of IL-1b and did not show any association with ischemic stroke. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2013; 50(4): 455-461] 

Key Words: Ischemic stroke – Interleukin 1B – Polymorphism

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