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Psychiatric Assessment of Disfigured Burn Patients Following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

Akmal Mostafa Kamal, Heba Fathy

Department of Psychiatry, Cairo University; Egypt



Background: Burn injuries are devastating, forms of trauma which affect the victims both physically and psychologically. Cognitive Behavioral therapy can alleviate psychological suffering with better quality of life during rehabilitation phase. Objective: To investigate the impact of cognitive-behavioral treatment program on the quality of life of burn patients during rehabilitation phase. Methods: This is a comparative randomized follow up study. The study was conducted at Kasr Al-Aini Hospital “Burn Unit”. The sample consisted of (30) patients selected by systematic random sample from 300 burn patients / year attending to the outpatient clinic. The sample was divided into two groups, (15) patients as study group and (15) patients as control group. Tools: All subjects were subjected to designed socio-demographic data sheet, Pain Burn Specific Health Scale, Hamilton Rating Scale of anxiety, Burn specific Health Scale. A constructed cognitive behavioral treatment intervention was developed by the researcher and implemented to the study group in 12 sessions twice weekly, pre and post assessments were carried out for both groups using the study tools. Results: There was a significant difference between study and control groups regarding 14 items of Hamilton Rating Scale of Anxiety, pain response and improvement of the quality of life. Conclusion: Cognitive behavioral treatment program was effective in burn patients’ developing adaptive ways of thinking and reducing anxiety, relieving pain and improving quality of life. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2013; 50(1): 19-24]

Key Words: Burn, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety

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