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Clinoidal Meningiomas: Limited Experience of 14 cases

Omar M. El Falaky, Mohamed M. Fouad

Department of Neurosurgery, Cairo University; Egypt


Background: Clinoidal meningiomas remain challenging tumors that represents a difficult task to the neurosurgeon. Tumors with orbital or cavernous extensions require meticulous surgical planning, as they directly affect postoperative recovery. Different surgical techniques have been used aiming at reaching a satisfactory outcome. Objective: Evaluate the role of different available surgical options in patients with clinoidal meningiomas so as to achieve a safe resection of the tumor. Methods: In 14 patients who were operated upon for anterior clinoidal meningioma in Cairo University Hospitals between 2007 and 2011, the surgical approach, clinical outcome and extent of resectability were all analyzed.  Results: Gross total tumor resection was achieved in 79% of the cases. 11 Tumors were resected via a standard pterional approach. 3 cases had intra cavernous extension and were sub-totally removed.  Three cases had intraorbital extensions, for those, a modified extradural skull base technique with was used with total removal of the tumor and the intraorbital extension. Post operative visual improvement occurred in 46% of patients. Conclusion: Involvement of the optic canal in clinoidal meningiomas is a prominent factor that affects the postoperative visual outcome. The overall surgical outcome is guided not only by the extent of tumor resection but also by the extent of optic nerve decompression .In each case, the surgical approach should be tailored according to the needs in each case individually for better outcome. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2012; 49(1): 1-6]


Key Words: Skull Base Surgery, Sphenoid wing, Anterior Clinoid Meningioma, Clinoidectomy.

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