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October2011 Vol.48 Issue:        4        Table of Contents
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Fasting Serum Insulin and Leptin Levels in Epileptic Patients

Manal S. Fahmy1, Sherif N. Amin2, Montasser M. Hegazy1,

Husam S. Mourad1, Shaimaa S. Mohamed1

Departments of Neurology1, Clinical Pathology2, Cairo University; Egypt


Background: Obesity being a common medical problem due to its complications such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus etc., a number of studies were directed towards its causes. Among these causes is drug intake e.g. some antiepileptic drugs, oral contraceptive pills and others. Accordingly the present study is focused on weight gain observed with antiepileptic drugs and its relation to leptin and insulin hormones. Objective: The aim of this work is to study the role played by leptin & insulin hormones in weight gain induced by antiepileptic drugs. Subjects & Methods: This study was carried out on 40 epileptic patients, and 19 healthy subjects, where leptin, insulin levels, BMI and lipid profile were measured in both groups. Results: There was high statistically significant difference in insulin & leptin hormones between cases & controls as well as a statistically significant difference in leptin levels between valproate & carbamazepine subgroups being higher in valproate treated patients. Conclusion: The increased serum leptin levels was not associated with increased body weight in epileptic patients as assessed by BMI but was more influenced by anti-epileptic drug intake, especially valproate. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2011; 48(4): 351-357]


Key Words: Obesity – Epilepsy – Insulin - Leptin hormones - Lipids.


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