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April2011 Vol.48 Issue:        2        Table of Contents
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Does The Duration of Diabetes Mellitus Affect Its Complication on Hand and Foot? Clinical and Physical Therapy Study

Waleed T. Mansour1, Ahmed M. Aboumousa2


Departments of Physical Therapy for Neuromuscular Disorders and its Surgery1, Faculty of Physical Therapy; Neurology2, Faculty of Medicine; Cairo University; Egypt



Background: Hand and ankle functions could be affected in diabetic patients via different factors such as neuropathy, entrapment or joint complications. The relation between these complication and duration of the diabetes is still controversy. Objective: This work aimed at assessment of the effect of duration of diabetes on the range of motion, muscle power at wrist and ankle joints beside assessment of nerve conduction of ulnar and peroneal nerves. Methods: Selection of 2 groups of diabetic patients [with relatively well controlled diabetes] with no statistical significant difference regarding the known confounding factors such as age, sex variability, level of diabetic control and body mass index to help in delineating the effect of the disease duration. A control group of healthy controls was studied also. Each group consisted of twenty patients of both sex. They were subjected to clinical neurological assessment, measuring of range of motion using electronic goniometer, muscle power using tensiometer and nerve conduction studies of ulnar and peroneal nerves. Results: Both groups of patients showed reduction in muscle power, range of motion and nerve conduction studies when compared to control. Males were more affected than females. There was no statistically significant difference due to the duration of the disease. Conclusion: Duration of diabetes did not influence the reduction of distal motor function in patients involved in this study. This may throw light to on the role of glycemic control rather than the duration of the disease on the pathogenesis of diabetic complication. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2011; 48(2): 171-176]


Key Words: Diabetic neuropathy, electromyography, nerve conduction velocities, digital goniometer, range of motion, muscle power.


Correspondence to Waleed Talat Mansour. Department of Physical Therapy for Neuromuscular Disorders and its Surgery. Faculty of Physical Therapy. Cairo University, Egypt.


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