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Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Hyperactivity in Epileptic Children

Ramadan A. Hussin1, Alaa A.M. Abdel Ghani2


Departments of Psychiatry1, Neurology2, Zagazig University; Egypt



Background: It is well known that autistic disorders are associated with increased incidence of epilepsy, but very few studies investigate the incidence of autistic disorders and hyperactivity in epileptic patients. Objective: Study of the autistic spectrum disorders and hyperactivity in epileptic children. Methods: This study was carried out on 143 epileptic children, aged 2-15 years. They were subjected to complete neuropsychiatric examination, E.E.G. and examination for associated autistic disorder and hyperactivity through two stages study: in the first stage parents were asked to complete two scales, autism screening questionnaire and Rutter’s parent questionnaire. In the second stage autism diagnostic interview revised was done. Results: Of the 143 examined children, 23 cases (16%) were found to have autistic spectrum disorders. Children at risk of these disorders were found to have maternal and paternal ages more than 35 years, earlier onset of the first seizure, treated by more antiepileptic drugs, having more nocturnal seizures, more behavioral disorders, antisocial disorders and more hyperactivity symptoms than non autistic children. Conclusion:  This study suggests that children with epilepsy are at greater risk of having autistic spectrum and behavioral disorders, and so there is a need for more clinical vigilance to identify these disorders, as they could affect patients' quality of life and ability to learn. [Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg.  2011; 48(1): 11-17]


Key Words: Autistic spectrum disorders, Hyperactivity, Epilepsy.


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