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July2004 Vol.41 Issue:        2        Table of Contents
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Prevalence of movement disorders in primary school children in Tanta city

M. Osman Rabie1, El-Sayed Tag El-Din1, A. I. Yassin2, Hazem A. Fayed1
Departments of Neuropsychiatry1, Public Health2,Tanta University


Background and purpose: Although movement disorders are common in children, the studies for prevalence of these disorders are so few. So, the aim was to study the prevalence of movement disorders in the primary school children in Tanta city. Methods: A representative sample of the primary school children in Tanta city was chosen to estimate the prevalence of movement disorders. The random multi-stage sampling was used. The children were subjected to history taking , neurological examination and some relevant investigations to estimate the prevalence and possible causes of movement disorders in them. Results: The most common recorded movement disorders were tics (135/10000). The simple motor tics were the most common recorded type. The prevalence of  tremors was (41/10000). Task specific and essential tremors were the most common recorded causes of tremors. The prevalence of chorea was (19/10000). Rheumatic chorea was the most common recorded cause in the studied children. Conclusion: Movement disorders are not rare condition in children, and good observation of the children is mandatory for early detection and management.

(Egypt J. Neurol. Psychiat. Neurosurg., 2004, 41(2): 531-540).


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