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July2005 Vol.42 Issue:        2        Table of Contents
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Megnesium Sulphate in Management of Acute Ischemic Cerebral Stroke

Abd El-Haleem El-Tantawy, Shereen Zakarya, Maha Hazem Khalil, Ali Abou Elmaaty
Department of Neurology, Mansoura University


Objectives: This study aimed to clarify the role of magnesium sulphate (Mg So4) as a safe neuroprotective agent in acute phase of ischemic stroke. Subjects: Sixty-four patients of acute ischemic stroke in domain of middle cerebral artery (29 males and 35 females) with ages ranged from 28–88 years, the patients were selected from Stroke Unit of Emergency Hospital and Neurology Department of Mansoura University Hospital. Methods: The patients were divided into two equal groups, First group received Mg sulphate in addition to the usual measures, second group used as a comparison group, did not receive Mg sulphate. All patients were evaluated clinically, laboratory and radiologically, on admission and after 48 hours from the onset. NIHSS, Modified Rankim scale and Barthel index were done on admission, the 30th & 90th days from starting treatment. Results: There was statistically significant neurological improvement at day 30 versus admission & day 90 versus day 30 and on admission in patients who  received magnesium sulphate in comparison to the patients who did not receive it (P<0.006). The primary outcome of combined death and disability at day 90 was (37.5%) in patients who received MgSo4 and (71.8%) in patients who did not receive MgSO4. There was significant reduction in death and disability in patients received early (less than 6 hours) Mg sulphate in comparison in to that latter (6 - 12 h) received magnesium sulphate (p=0.043). Conclusion:  Magnesium Sulphate is safe, widely available effective neuroprotective therapy in management of acute ischemic cerebral stroke, especially when given early within the first 6 hours from the onset of stroke.

(Egypt J. Neurol. Psychiat. Neurosurg., 2005, 42(2): 429-440).


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