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July2005 Vol.42 Issue:        2        Table of Contents
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Chronic Neck Pain: A Comparison Between Two Different Physical Therapy Modalities

M.N. El-Bahrawy1, G. Mousa1, A. Rashad2
Departments of Neuromuscular Disorders and its Surgery1, Basic Sciences2, Faculty of Physical Therapy ,Cairo University


The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of hot pack followed by thermal ultrasound and iontophoresis with calcium gluconate in treatment of patients with chronic neck pain. Thirty patients with chronic mechanical neck pain (mean age 34.40±5.40) from both genders participated in this study. Pain and cervical range of motion were measured by using VAS and CROM respectively. The treatment protocol consisted of 24 sessions as three sessions per week. The patients were classified into two equal groups. Both groups received exercises program, the first group received hot pack on neck for ten minutes followed by continuous ultrasound application on spasmodic area for ten minutes with 1.5 w/cm2 intensity while the second group received iontophoresis with calcium gluconate on spasmodic area for 20 minutes. The results revealed improvement in pain and cervical mobility in both groups after treatment program, but it was highly significant in the second group compared to the first group. It can be concluded that both ultrasound application and iontophoresis in addition to exercises program are effective in reducing neck pain as well as increasing cervical mobility but the application of iontophoresis with calcium gluconate was more effective.

(Egypt J. Neurol. Psychiat. Neurosurg., 2005, 42(2): 333-339).


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